Tada IV

This indie rock record began as a bachelor party at Chateau Marmont. The 1980s, ex-porn stars, love, loss and redemption are all covered thoroughly. Available on vinyl at The Bazaar of Roanoke.

Release: September 23, 2017

Starts in the East, 
Falls in the West

Released: 2012

Stand Up EP

Soaring melodies, positive lyrics, driving drum and bass, atmospheric keys and kick ass guitars deliver these well crafted rock tunes. This EP will make you want to get out of bed, turn up the volume and go make out with somebody. 

Released: 2010

The Joneses Soundtrack Album Cover

The Joneses Soundtrack

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah appears on this album. 

Released: 2010

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah also appears in a premiere episode of Showtime’s Homeland.

Give Us the Sun

Strong, melodic rock tunes supported by tight arrangements and positive lyrics.

Released: 2009


Clearly showcasing their ridiculously catchy songs” “It’s only a matter of time until The Joneses trailer hits theaters and more people fall in love with My Radio’s upbeat hooks.
— kathrnoh -
My Radio is an indie rock quartet based out of Virginia that has been gaining momentum not only within the music industry but also in Tinseltown. My Radio’s “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” will be featured in the upcoming movie for The Joneses, starring Demi Moore and David Duchovny. Find out more about their new bar, love on the road, and the roadside attractions in their backyard.
— Sarah in Needle in a Haystack -
My Radio’s latest release, Starts In The East/Falls In The West, is one of the better independent indie pop records of the year. Starting off, the quartet seemed a little shy and soft, as heard in the beginning of “600 MPH.”
— The Aquarian