My Radio has been featured on the OurStage Blog!

In an industry inundated with artists desperate for fame, some bands manage to get it right by staying above the water yet under the radar.  My Radio is one of those bands.  Successfully staying away from the chaotic side of the industry and still getting heard, My Radio sets an example for others trying to make it in music.

Working from Roanoke, Virginia, singer JP Powell has done the touring thing — the broken relationships, the ups and downs, the “financial ruin”— and he’s all set with that.  His band, My Radio, knows what they want and what they want is to get placed on TV, ads, movies or anything else that comes their way.  So far, they’ve been incredibly successful working toward their goal.  Their super fun single, “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” was first placed on Fox Sports, reaching millions of basketball fans, thanks to its presence on OurStage.  Now, the same song is reaching viewers through the movie trailer of the upcoming blockbuster, The Joneses. With all of this success from just one song, it’s clear My Radio are doing something right.

Powell shared some of My Radio’s story:

“Early on, we were writing songs and got them recorded and put them out there on OurStage.  You can get a pretty good idea of yours songs ability to turn people’s ears.  You might not finish 1st or 2nd but in the Top 10, but if you have a song that’s finishing in the Top ten, then you have a pretty good idea that you’ve got something there.  OurStage has been a useful tool for us.  Right from the beginning, we decided that given this climate, we wanted to go after the primary.  We wanted to write the best songs and record them in the best way that we could.  And then, basically, forget about touring.  Our strategy as a band is to get placements — not to get a record deal.  Actually, we could care less about a record deal.  Our focus has been on placements because that’s 1. Where the money is and you’re not going to make money selling records, unless you’re selling a billion plus.  OurStage was part of that because it was where our first placement solely came from.   We were heard there and that’s what it’s about.”

That is, indeed, what it’s about.  Placements are often being more lucrative than digital sales and help artists garner a larger fan base than touring.  With thirty seconds in one successful commercial, trailer or TV show, a song can reach hundreds of thousands potential new fans yielding more immediate results than years of nonstop touring for some bands.  Says Powell, “You just hope that that million people who see the trailer say, “Oh, that’s an awesome song.  What is that?’  So that’s where our online presence comes into play.  We have been going to as many sites as we can getting our name on there.”

The hard work pays off.  Even with a seemingly difficult name to Google, My Radio is the first result when searching for “My Radio Band.”  Their Web site is laid out well, clearly showcasing their ridiculously catchy songs, placements, links to The Joneses trailer and where to purchase the song.

“If we do our homework, we’ll get there.  For us, its uncharted territory and we recognize it.  But, we want to capitalize.  We want to make it as easy as possible for people to find us.  There’s so much information out there, and we want to poke through.”

It’s only a matter of time until The Joneses trailer hits theaters and more people fall in love with My Radio’s upbeat hooks.  Says Powell, “Our goal is to get more placements, but more importantly, placements that do things for us.   We’re psyched and happy.  Hopefully this is the first of many.”