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Rock of Ages

Published by Kate B on March 24, 2010 in RockArtist Feature.

Salem, Virginia. It’s a little town nestled within Appalachia in Southwest Virginia, so one might expect to come across plenty of bands playing the high lonesome music indigenous to the area. But loud, assertive rock? Hooks and grit culled from years of listening to the Stones and Elvis Costello, with some Remy Zero pop sensibility thrown in? Less predictable, which makes My Radio an unexpected surprise. The band is adept at turning out tightly packaged rockers, whether it’s the cheeky piano sequences and distorted, guitar peals of “Yeah Yeah Yeah” or the almost ‘80s pop vibe of “Unbelievable.” But it’s probably the track “Stars” that will be your favorite — slow and steady piano rock chronicling life on the road. You can almost feel the wistfulness filtered through My Radio’s instruments. Stalwarts like Kravitz, Cars and Killers are all thrown into the band’s musicology, meaning rock pundits will find lots to like. Forget high and lonesome. Loud and populist is where it’s at.